No great startups without great people.

first20 is a private hiring network connecting the best newly created startups to the most ambitious & skilled candidates.

We try to help the startups we'd love to work for recruit the people we'd love to work with.

For Candidates

1 meeting with the first20 staff

10 interview requests from top startups

I'm a candidate

For Startups

We receive ~25 candidate applications per week

We select 10 top profiles & meet them

2 are selected & featured in the weekly first20 email

I'm a startup

Who is behind first20?


How much does it cost?

first20 is 100% free for startups and for candidates.

Yes, you read us well 😉. first20 is like TalentLetter, it's 100% karma-driven. We think that by helping A Players join great startups, they might one day help us bring support to our portfolio.

We simply pay it forward. Naive? It proved to be super effective in the past 💪


Which startups receive the first20 email?

The startups we hand-pick are early-stage (no funding or last round below €3M) with a high potential.

Startups subscribing to first20 are selected on our assessment of their growth potential.

Besides, first20 is reserved to following early-stage startups:
- in creation (founders, no revenue)
- that have just launched their product & that might have raised money from Business Angels or Friends & Family)
- that raised a Pre Seed or Seed round below €3M

Why? Because we wanted to select startups that can be the most iconic companies of tomorrow but that are also early enough to still have several top leadership positions opened.


How do I receive the first20 candidates?

You can subscribe here with your business email & an invitation code.

Don't have an invitation code? You can probably ask your friends, your investors, your accelerator ... They might have one for you 👌‍


Which candidates are in the first20 email?

We try to feature candidates we consider hard working, highly passionate about startups and willing to make a great impact on the startup development.

These folks have primarily a business background (Marketing, Sales, Business Development, Operations, Finance, Product Management, HR, General Management, ...) & are only looking for a full-time position.


Why submit your profile?

First-mover Advantage
Get a sneak peek at stealth companies as they build their teams.

Exceptional Jobs Are Not Public
Unique opportunities are often not published on job boards. Startups looking at your first20 profile will contact you & design a tailor-made role based on your skills.

No Commission
We aren’t compensated per hire. We’re focused on finding the ultimate fit on both sides so startups & candidates trust us in the long-term.

Smooth As Silk
Don't write down 20 motivation emails. One simple bullet point description can get you 20 interviews. Much more efficient for everyone.


How do I remove my application?

We'll delete your application as soon as you send us an email.


What about confidentiality?

We are fully aware that submitting your application as a candidate can be a sensitive information. In step 1, the only person receiving your profile are the first20 staff.

After your first20 meeting, we will decide together if your profile can be more widely spread.

You still have questions?

We will be pleased to read you here.